Set in 10 acres of parkland, Peasmarsh Place is a warm and welcoming home with magnificent views over the Sussex countryside.

Looking for a suitable Care Home for yourself or a loved one can feel like a huge task. You may feel unsure as to where to start and what to look for, but we hope that this website will offer some guidance and useful Checklists to help.

On this site there are a lot of photographs both at the top and within each page, please take your time to look through them all. Don’t miss the objective comments from professional bodies’ reports at the bottom – CQC report, COVID infection control reports, as well as the comments left on the independent care home website carehome.co.uk. Most importantly, please read the quotations and testimonials from our current and former guests which feature around the pages of the website.

We encourage you to get in touch, ask questions and come to visit us. From there you can reach an informed decision.

I am here because someone in my family was here before. I had visited him often over the years and know the place well as well as the good services Pearsmarsh Place provides.

Who we are

  • We are a residential Care Home, as opposed to a "Nursing Home".
  • We are Privately run, as opposed to Council run or Charity run Homes. This means that 1) Peasmarsh Place Care Home (and the Estate it is in) has been owned and led by Viscount Devonport since 1980s. (see more on our Care History and Peasmarsh Place). 2) We are also regulated and inspected by CQC. 3) Our residents/service users are both self-funded and partially topped up by the Social Care Services.
The owners have very close ties with the local community and local area, Farming, Vineyard, Hotel/bistro etc. Most importantly, they continue to work on other important developments such as a potential Care Village, with Independent Living options, etc. This provides reassurance that they will be here and actively involved in the provision of care for a long time.

What we offer

  • We offer not only Residential Care but you can also come for a short stay, such as required for Convalescence recovery after operations for example. Or Respite can be provided so you can have a relaxing holiday whilst also giving your carer a break. You can also come just for the day to enjoy our Day Care where you can socialise, join activities, and be bathed if required.
  • In choosing Peasmarsh Place as your home, you don’t just receive comfortable accommodation and the care you need, but also very spacious and beautiful surroundings which are also there for you and your family and friends to explore and enjoy, free of charge.
The grandchildren love to come here and explore the Key-hole and Rabbit-hole that they know so well from Alice's in Wonderland. It’s comforting for us adults to know that they are completely safe running around

NHS: 7 Signs of Good Care Home, which provide a good foundation reference when searching for a Care Home.

  1. There are staff and managers with the right time, skills and experience to do their job
  2. Clean buildings, rooms and bathrooms
  3. A wide range of activities for residents at home and outside
  4. Good quality food choices and options about where to eat meals
  5. Fast and easy access to health professionals, such as GPs and dentists
  6. The Care Home makes sure any cultural, religious or lifestyle needs are met
  7. Feedback from residents is continually asked for and used to improve care
Mum misses my sister’s children in New Zealand, but at Peasmarsh Place, she gets to see children of a similar age from the local schools on their regular visits, which, she told me, really cheer her up!

We have included some checklists we discovered which we hope you will find useful when looking through our website or when you come to visit us.

I’ve chosen here because it has a very homely feel, as opposed to an institution or cooperative feeling.