All of our resident’s rooms are ensuite, each with their own individual style to suit a wide range of tastes.

Our aim at Peasmarsh is for residents to relax and enjoy a stress-free future. We help to encourage them to enjoy their time, to follow their current and new pursuits in surroundings that are comfortable, inspiring and safe.

We are very happy for residents to bring their own furniture, pictures, paintings and other homely possessions to make their new space their own.  In addition, all rooms have the facility for personal telephones.


For people over the age of 65 years, who wish to carry on living independently, but without the need to worry about the tasks and stresses of maintaining a household.

This allows them to focus solely on the things they enjoy most in life, and to spend quality time with friends and family. Alternatively, it can be for those who may now feel the need for some level of support with personal care, washing, dressing and other daily activities.

The level of support and care is dependent on the individual's needs to ensure the appropriate level is provided at all times.  An individual Care Plan is developed and continually updated and discussed with the resident and family members (if wished). We carry out daily reviews of the care plan to ensure all staff are updated and made aware if the person’s needs or wishes change.

Residents who live at Peasmarsh Place, will always be supported to have a high quality of care as they approach the end of their lives whilst living with us. We have good access to local community nursing and medical services which can often assist to make final days as comfortable as possible, but are not able to provide in-house nursing care. We do not therefore, admit new Residents who are already diagnosed with terminal illnesses which will require the skills of a qualified nurse to support them.

There isn’t a thank you big enough for all you have done, the kindness, the care and the help of every kind. My parents couldn’t have been in a better place! I also appreciated the many cups of tea, delicious cakes and chats. Yvonne and Paul

Holiday/Respite Stays

For people over 65 years who have a wish or need to stay in residential care for a short period of time.

We also offer holiday stays to support your normal full time / part time carers who may need a break of their own – with maximum peace of mind – so that they can take time for themselves.

Respite care should be a proper break for you and them. It provides the opportunity for your normal carers to rest, recuperate and re-energise, or simply catch up on life, knowing that you are safely cared for in the short term.

Respite care could be an option when, for example :

  • May suffer from a short illness and feel the need of external assistance and care.
  • May want a break from daily routine and enjoy a short holiday in a peaceful and beautiful place.
  • When someones family or carers need a have a break or take a holiday.

Trial stays can be arranged for people deciding if converting to residential care with us here or confirming if Peasmarsh Place is the right decision, or if this is the right Home for them.

We do not maintain a permanent respite room, however, provisional bookings can be taken with confirmation 2 weeks prior to the date required.

Mum and Dad truly did enjoy and appreciate their recent stay with you and I'm pleased to say you have all contributed to allaying so many of their former fears concerning retirement/care homes...I can't thank you enough. Kay

Convalescence Care

Restore your strength and health after an illness or operation.

Let us take good care of you with individually tailored care, whilst our Chef builds up your strength and energy with delicious meals to set you on the pathway to recovery and returning home.

We support convalescence after surgery and, if necessary, this can include the local District Nurse team in the same ways you would receive at home.

You have all been so very kind, considerate and caring over the months that Joan was staying at Peasmarsh. She could not have received better care anywhere and for that my brother, myself and all Joan’s family are extremely grateful. Sandra

Day Care

For people over 65 years who would like to have access to our services on a daily basis.

This allows people to meet others and enjoy social events as well as be supported during bathing or showering. In addition, one can have convenient access to healthcare, nutritious meals and other services.

Day care also offers short regular respite breaks for carers and provides a safe solution in emergency situations.

Thank you all for all the support and help over the last month. Thank you all for taking care of Dad; he seems so happy living there with you. Thank you for all the little extra’s which mean so much. Melanie, John, Emma, Sophie