The building blocks of Peasmarsh Place Country Care philosophy underpin the delivery of all our care services.

I am here because someone in my family was here before. I had visited him often over the years. I know the place well, know the good cares that Pearsmarsh Place provides.


At Peasmarsh Place we will always honour the confidentiality of our residents.


We treat all our residents fairly and equally regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, sexuality or religious beliefs.


Our residents are able to live the life they wish to live. We encourage independence and will always help our residents to become as independent as they wish and can physically become.


Every resident as Peasmarsh Place is encouraged and given help to pursue activities and pursuits which will help the resident become a happier and healthier person. Personal empowerment has been very much part of the Peasmarsh philosophy from our original conception and continues to be today.


For a person to be truly happy, they need to be fulfilled both physically and mentally. We work to understand our residents' needs as individuals to be able to help provide a tailored care program to help them achieve this.


Our residents have the choice of rooms, a choice of delicious and nutritious food and a wide and varied choice of activities and leisure pursuits. Nothing is obligatory nor enforced in anyway.


Confidence comes from having the support and reassurance of a well-trained and friendly team on hand if and when required. We have seen confidence in our residents grow over time through participation in activities and events which interest them and which develop their self-reliance.


Maintaining the rights of our residents are of priority to our management and our team.


What is the correct care plan for one person may not be the correct one for another. At Peasmarsh Place we embrace and encourage diversity and individuality, it’s what makes Peasmarsh special!

Self Esteem

Our residents are treated as the unique adults they are, encouraged to participate and add-value to activities and events as they wish. Our policy of encouraging visits from local school children helps both parties engage and share perspectives from contrasting ages.


Peasmarsh Place is a residential care home, with the emphasis on home. We will always respect the rights and wishes of our residents as an absolute priority. This is their home after all.


Our resident's life at Peasmarsh Place is very much their own and our team and staff will always value and protect an individuals privacy.

I’ve chosen here because it has a very homely feeling, as opposed to an institution or cooperative feeling.